Regret your purchase on Steam? Get your money back with Steam Refunds

Have you ever regretted a purchase on Steam? Because your PC could not run the game, or you didn’t like the game after all or because of some other reason? Then there is good news for you because now you can undo your purchase thanks to Steam Refunds.

Through this system you can, as with rival Origin already longer possible, get your money back for games that you wish you didn’t buy after all.

Obviously, this system is not entirely without conditions. It is only possible to reverse a purchase if you do so within two weeks of purchase and you have played the game less than two hours. In the case of a pre-order, you can always request a refund for the release, from the moment the game is available, the two weeks and two hours condition starts. If you decide to turn back a purchase, you get paid the money back via the payment method used. If this is not possible, if you paid via WebMoney, PaySafeCard or MoneyBookers, then you get to receive the funds in your Steam Wallet.

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