How to receive a notification when a new app is released

If you can’t wait till a specific iOS app is released, you can now easily be notified when you can pick up the app or game from the App Store. We will show you how this App Store feature works.

Pre-orders on the App Store

Pre-order a game or app on the App Store

Apple unveiled the new function along with Super Mario Run, the first mobile game from Nintendo with Mario in the lead. Although this game will be available to play in December 2016, the game is already in the App Store. The App Store page is unlike any other pages that we have seen so far. For example, there is no price but instead, there is a ‘Message’ button on the location of the download button.

Once you press this button, a new message screen with the text “Success. We’ll let you know when Super Mario Run is available”. This gives you on the day of the release instant notification that you can download Super Mario Run.

This way Apple has basically added a way to the App Store to ‘pre-order’ new apps. Good news for developers, who will be able to promote their app in the App Store before release. It is not yet clear whether this alert function is available for all iOS apps, or Apple itself decides whether apps are important enough for this.

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