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Sending files over the internet is easy. The best-known service in this area is WeTransfer.com. You can also use Dropbox and OneDrive to get large files from A to B. The approach differs with Infinit and sometimes it is faster than the competition.


With Infinit files can be preferably sent between the devices (via p2p) without the use of a (temporary) storage server. This would mean that both computers must be online to get the file, but that’s not true. The file will also be placed on an intermediate server. During the upload process, the file can be already retrieved by the recipient. Unlike similar services Infinit has no limit regarding the file size. However, a free registration is required and the sending party needs the Infinit-user program. The recipient can receive the file that you to send via the browser or also create a free account and use the Infinit program.

Download and install Infinit

Visit https://infinit.io and download the software. We opt for the Windows version, there is also a version for Apple users. There are also apps for iOS and Android. At the first start create a free account. Infinit works most comfortable using Windows Explorer. Use right-click a file or folder and select one of the two Infinit options. Choose “Send with Infinit” to start the software and then you can enter the recipient’s Infinit username or email address. This of course only works if the recipient is already familiar with Infinit. The “Infinit link Copy” option is a better choice. There is a link there for you that you can paste using Ctrl + V in a message, for example, in an e-mail or chat.


Once the recipient clicks on the link, the digital packet is retrieved via the browser. To get the file faster inside, the recipient can decide to install the Infinit program. Click the Infinit icon in your system tray to see which files you share through the service. These can be found in the tab called Links. Behind each file, you can see how many times it is downloaded. Double-click the trash can icon to no longer make the file available for download.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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