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Step by step instructions for Qeep Login. Qeep is a social network for mobile phones that was initially released in 2006. It is a free application launched on Android.

In the beginning, qeep was only available in German. In January 2008, the International English version was released. The two versions are compatible with each having about a million users by 2009. In December 2010 the number had risen to six million, and by early 2012 qeep reached twelve million users. Qeep has also a mobile version which you can access from qeep.mobi. Besides this, the Android version is available in Google Play Store. The application is completely free. The application currently works in over a thousand different models of phones and in six languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Turkish.

Log in instructions for Qeep.net

To sign in your Qeep.net profile, please follow the following instructions.

  • With your browser open, go to Qeep.mobi
  • Next, click on Already a user? button.
Qeep login
Already a user?
  • This will bring you to the login screen. You can also change the languaqe from this screen by clicking on the desired language name.
  • In this screen, enter your nickname and password and click on the Login button to sign in on your account.
Qeep web login
Enter your information and click on the Login button.

Congratulations! you can now use Qeep from your computer.

Qeep Android Login

If you are using the Android app of Qeep, you should not have any trouble signing in since the log in process is identical to the web version. Just download the app from the Play Store and following the instructions above to get strarted.

Qeep Download for Android from the Play Store

Qeep has a free app for Android users. To download the App, go to the App Store on your phone and search for “Qeep”. Click on the first result and tap on the green Install button to get started.
You can also click on this Play Store link to download the app.

About Qeep

Qeeps parent company BLUE LION mobile GmbH was founded in the summer of 2006 for the specific purpose of distribution and marketing of Qeep.

In June 2007, BLUE LION mobile received the first round of funding in millions of Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI) for the further development and distribution of the product.

The financing was also provided the number of supported mobile phones to continue to increase and introduce Qeep in the European core markets. In the long term Bertelsmann wanted to catch up with the market leaders in social networks.

Bertelsmann’s support for Qeep shows their efforts to compete with social networking giants like Facebook.

In January 2012, Qeep has reached the 12 million user mark. In April this number already rose to 13 million, with an estimated 15,000 new registered users per day. In May 2012, qeep won the 3rd place in the category Emotional Closeness of Nokia Create.

BLUE LION mobile

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