Prune: a beautiful game for iOS

In Prune, you have to take care of a digital bonsai tree. That does not sound exciting, but beautiful presentation and interesting gameplay make this game worth it.

Love letter to Nature

Just like Monument Valley, Alto’s Adventure, and Bastion, Prune is such a charming iOS game that you really should not miss. The game looks and sounds gorgeous and although the concept initially feels what superficially, Prune has more body to it than you might think. The creators call it a love letter to nature, and that is absolutely true.

The goal is to have a seed grow into a full tree with flowers and leaves. That happens partly automatically, but it is your job to prune carefully so that the tree grows in the right direction. This is necessary because soon you’ll get various obstacles (such as red circles) can poison or damage the tree. As you progress through the game, your tree gets larger and more complex and you have to work smarter to achieve the minimum number of points in one level.

Prune iOS
Prune is a beautiful game for iOS

The levels are accompanied by relaxing, almost meditative music, which best comes into its own when you plug in headphones. Another nice feature is the absence of advertising and in-app purchases. The game does cost 3.99 dollars, but nothing more than that. Prune works with almost any iOS device (version 6.0).

Download Prune for iPhone and iPad

Developer: Joel McDonald LLC
Price: $4.99
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