Popular streaming service Plex comes to new Apple TV

One of the best known streaming services should not be missed as an app on the new Apple TV. Plex has been shown to work as an app for the Apple TV.

Plex Apple TV app coming

If we believe Apple CEO Tim Cook, then apps are ‘the future of TV’. The new Apple TV is no longer a hobby project but is the first step of the US company towards a revolution. That starts with apps, and according to rumors you could also get a cable subscription with it, so you can just watch ‘old fashioned’ TV with it.

But apps are very important for the new set-top box. Logically, there are apps for services like Netflix and sports providers, but also Plex is coming to the new device. “We are very pleased to offer our services via Apple TV,” co-founder Scott Olechowski wrote to ITWorld. “Many people have asked for it and finally we can work on it. We want it, our users want it. Now we are waiting for tvOS beta developer information so that we can get to work.”

Apple TV
The new Apple TV.

Plex on TV

With the current Apple TV, a connection to Plex is not possible without a jailbreak. With the new Apple TV and app support that could soon be possible. According to Olechowski, Plex uses the same API as the iPhone and iPad, making it easier to port the existing app to Apple TV. There is no release date for the app, but Plex can build on existing apps, it makes the arrival in principle need not be long in coming.

Plex is already active in a wide range of devices. Not only on iPhone and iPad, but also on the PlayStation 4 or the web browser. Via Plex you can stream video files from your computer to other devices via an online connection.

New Apple TV

The new Apple TV comes late October in stores. It costs $149 for the 32GB model and $199 for the 64GB model.

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