How to play Pokémon GO on your iPad (or any tablet)

Pokémon GO is the game of the moment, but a smartphone with mobile Internet is needed to play it. With an iPad, you can however also go on monster hunting, making the game a lot more accessible for children. With these tips, you will soon be a Pokémon master on the iPad.

Pokémon GO iPad: how it works

Pokémon GO obviously works best on an Internet-connected phone, but we can easily imagine a number of situations that you’re on an iPad. Parents who want their children to play the game but themselves want to continue using their phone. Therefore parents with multiple children can use an iPad at the same time as a Pokémon GO console.

If you plan to play Pokémon GO on an iPad, it’s important to know if you have an iPad with or without mobile internet. This fact determines whether you need to connect it to a phone or not. Pokémon GO with 4G is easy. You pick the app from the App Store, it installs and you start playing. Because the game requires a mobile Internet and GPS connection, and these are both present, you no need to take any further action.

If you have an iPad without mobile Internet, it is a slightly different story. In that case, you need a phone with mobile internet that you connect to the iPad with a personal hotspot. This way you share the Internet connection and can make the iPad go online. Not so perfect, but good enough if you as a parent want to connect your phone to your child’s iPad.


  • Open the Settings on your iPhone;
  • Choose ‘Personal Hotspot’ and set the switch to green;
  • Remember the password that appears on the iPhone screen.
    Pokemon Go iPad hotspot

Now your iPhone is set up correctly, you can get hold of the Pokémon GO iPad and connect it this way to the Internet.


  • You can activate the WiFi hotspot on Android by going to Settings> More> Tethering & portable hotspot. It may be that the menu options on your phone have a slightly different name.
  • From Tethering and Mobile hotspot you configure the hotspot and choose a name, security method and password.
  • Create a strong password with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

If you have activated the hotspot, you get to see a special icon in the notification bar. This means that the Wi-Fi hotspot is active and that the Internet from your smartphone or tablet can be used by other devices.

Open the Settings on your iPad

  • Choose Wi-Fi and then tap the phone that appears in the list;
  • Enter the password that appears on the iPhone screen or the password that you have entered on your Android phone.

Now that your iPad is connected to the Internet you can play Pokémon GO. You are only missing the GPS, so you will be on the localization via Wi-Fi routers. However, it is possible to play the game this way.

Play only on Wi-Fi

If you don’t have mobile internet, you can also just play Pokémon GO only on wifi. You will have to search for Wi-Fi hotspots around you, such as the railway station, a restaurant, or some places in the city. With a little help from Lures in the game, you can even make the Pokémon come to you, rather than you going in their direction.

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