Pinterest will soon have buttons for shopping

Pinterest will soon be completed with buy buttons. Users can thus directly buy products they want via Pinterest.

Pinterest buy button

Buyable Pins Pinterest
Buyable Pins in the Pinterest app.

Pinterest calls this “Buyable Pins’ on its weblog. It allows you to buy stuff from the app by using a credit card or Apple Pay. In the coming weeks, Pinterest sale buttons are deployed among US users, probably followed by other countries later. In the beginning, it will be only available to iOS users.

Pinterest is a digital bulletin board where people can keep what they find cool, from photos or recipes for a dinner to must-have products. For some products, you can already find a link to the shop that sells them, but that will soon be a lot simpler.

Pinterest Apple Pay
The service is fully integrated with Apple Pay.

Pinterest takes the buy button quite seriously. In a month, there should be two million Buyable Pins on the website. The question is how the buy option via Pinterest exactly will work for companies because the service will probably collect a portion of the profits.

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How Buying via Pinterest works

The Buyable Pins comes above the list of other pins. With the buy button it is possible to specify your budget and with some products you can even choose from different colors. At the checkout, simply choose your credit card and you pay for it. According to Pinterest, the credit card information is not stored by the service itself, but the company works together with pay-companies’ who already protect peoples data for years.

Pinterest shopping
Image via Pinterest.

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