How to open Zip files with the Notes app in iOS

Since the release of iOS 9, it is possible to open zip files with the Notes app. Here’s how it works.

Open Zip files

Zip files are often used to merge multiple files into one larger file. They are useful if you need to mail a lot of different pictures, but not one by one. This makes it for both you and the receiver easier.

Notes app is installed by default on any iOS device and is able to open zip files. This is due to the fact that the app is to find in the menu part of iOS. This allows you to open zip files with a few taps that you found in Safari.

  • Open Safari and tap on a zip file that you have found for example on a web page;
  • Then, a blank screen appears. Choose the top left “Open in …” and then on the share menu choose the Notes app;
  • optionally add text to the note and press ‘Save’;
  • Quit Safari and open finally the Notes app to open the zip file.

And that’s it! The Notes app lets you so easily and quickly open zip files on your iPhone or iPad. Incidentally, it is also possible to open zip files from iCloud Drive app, or email. This works in a similar way.

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