OnePlus system OxygenOS uses 1GB RAM

The RAM consumption of OxygenOS, the operating system that OnePlus delivers with OnePlus 2, is very high. With normal use, OxygenOS takes more than 1GB of RAM, making early owners complain.

It’s not really normal for the Android system to use 1GB of RAM. Even though the OnePlus 2 has 4GB of RAM, that does not mean it is normal for Android to consume this much. And certainly not OxygenOS, which largely is a vanilla version of Android. That’s how OnePlus sells its own firmware, and that’s how the firmware looks like as well.
OxygenOS RAM usage

OxygenOS RAM consumption

In comparison, the system of the Nexus 6 uses about 330MB. In versions with a highly customized skin the RAM usage is often higher, but even then it never reaches 1GB. OxygenOS 2.0, the version that comes with the OnePlus 2, has a window where you can usually find Google Now. Possible causes for the very high-consumption RAM is this new section.

When a system consumes much RAM it does not necessarily cause problems. It is particularly important in Linux, which Android is based on, that RAM is occupied and used. Nevertheless, it is striking that the system of OxygenOS uses that much.

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