Nine new features of iOS 9

In this article we will discuss some less obvious, though no less useful features hidden within the new iOS.

1. Flight previews
If iOS 9 detects a flight number, it automatically displays a preview with flight information as soon as you click it.

2. Select multiple photos at once
For the first time, you can now select multiple photos in the new Photos app.

3. Organize notifications
You now have more control over the way you organize notifications. You can choose them to appear chronologically grouped by app, or sort them manually.

4. Parts of voicemails
You can now share voicemail messages via apps like iMessage or email.

5. CarPlay
Carplay has undergone some improvements in iOS 9. In addition to supporting wireless CarPlay, it now has a settings menu in which you can easily connect your iPhone to your car.

6. Audio app suggestions
Once you connect a headset to your device the shortcut in the lock screen changes to the audio app you probably want to use. That suggestion is not only based on the extent to which you use the app, but also takes into account, among others, your location.

7. ‘Leave a message’ function for FaceTime
Now you can leave a message if no one answers your call.

8. Search settings
This is a very useful addition. Nothing more annoying than endlessly clicking through menus looking for a particular setting. To prevent this, the settings menu now contains a search box.

9. The keypad changes when you press SHIFT
It is quite bizarre that this is only now being added. Now when you press SHIFT you can really see that you are typing in capitals.

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