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Start here for Netflix Customer service. Netflix, Inc. is an American company that provides entertainment by streaming mainly movies and television series for a monthly flat rate. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. On April 2011, Netflix had over 23 million subscribers in the United States and more than 26 million worldwide.

For the first quarter of 2015, the company had over 60 million subscribers worldwide.

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Hours of Operation: 24 hours – 7 days
Phone number: 888-638-3549
Email: This information has not been added.
Customer service link: Click Here
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Netflix Customer Service
Netflix Customer Service page.

About Netflix

Reed Hastings, who got an artificial intelligence degree at the Stanford University, founded in October 1991 Pure Software, an application for Unix. Sold a few years later, he left with $ 75 million in hand, with which he created Netflix in 1997, with the help of developer Marc Randolph.

Netflix’s website was launched on August 29, 1997, with 30 employees. Netflix was then available by monthly subscription in September 1999.

The service was officially launched in 1998. It consists of a system of unlimited DVD rental on the Internet. The idea came to him after having an annoyance to pay $40 following a rented movie, he had returned ​​too late.

In 2000, Netflix has been proposed to Blockbuster for $ 50 million but the sale failed.

In 2009, Netflix offered a collection of 100,000 titles and exceeded 11 million subscribers. In 2013, the service had 40 million subscribers in 40 countries.

To accelerate its international expansion and to face the development of competition in the market for video on demand on the Internet, the group announced on February 2, 2015, to raise $1 billion. Following this announcement, the rating agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded Netflix from “BB-” to “B +”.

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