Microsoft Hyperlapse: handy app for smooth time-lapse videos

Hyperlapse, Microsoft’s app that lets you easily create smooth time-lapse videos is out of beta and now available to download for anyone with an Android or Windows Phone device.

Time-laps videos in a snap

With Microsoft Hyperlapse you can put the events of several minutes or hours into a short video. Images are played back rapidly, with Hyperlapse everything looks nice. When launching the app, you can specify whether you want to use a video from your gallery or record a new video. In the latter case, the camera is prepared and you can start filming with the push of a button.

A video shoot is very simple. You can put your smartphone sometime during filming, but can also hold it and walk or cycle where Hyperlapse stabilizes images automatically. Under the screen you can see how many seconds you have recorded and how long the final time-lapse video will be. When you are finished recording, you can determine the speed of the video (which also affects its length). In a few seconds the video is rendered, then you can watch it or share via email, WhatsApp or Facebook.

The videos you shoot with Microsoft Hyperlapse look sharp and smooth. For quickly making timelapse videos, Hyperlapse is well suited, which is partly due to the rapid and simple interface.

Download Microsoft Hyperlapse

Do you want to work with Microsoft Hyperlapse, you can download the application for free from the Play Store. You need a device with Android 4.4 or later and at least 15MB of free storage. Movies take approximately 48MB space for one minute in 720p .

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