Metal: energy efficient Facebook app with Material Design

Metal for Facebook is an alternative Facebook app which features the Material Design of Android 5.0 and looks beautiful. The app is small and energy efficient.

Facebook with Material Design

Metal is a new Android app that replaces the standard Facebook app. The application is based on Tinfoil for Facebook, has the same features, and is much faster than the normal Facebook app. Metal is distinctive to the use of the fine Material Design, whereby the blue bar on top and round action button right below are the most noticeable.

Metal is also much lighter than the regular Facebook app. The application weighs less than 2MB and consumes significantly less power because the mobile version of Facebook is loaded.

From the flip-out menu on the all the functions of Metal for Facebook are accessible. You have access to the search engine, your personal page, the news, messages, and notifications. Especially the notifications are very convenient, but they do not work perfectly.

Metal for Facebook was recently updated to version 3.5 and brings some new options. Now you can swipe down to refresh your feed, you get a notification when an update is available, and there is a new theme and improved dark mode present.

Download Metal for Facebook

Metal for Facebook is not (yet) available in Google Play, but can be downloaded from the official Google + -community. There you will find the latest version as an APK file.

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