Meet Kiwi Q&A in 5 steps

It is the new hype on iOS and Android, the app Kiwi Q&A. It is the number 1 app in the free apps chart, but what can you do with it anyway? Read all about it in this article.

Sometimes there are those apps that are very popular in the news. Kiwi Q&A is one of those. Maybe you already had an invitation from friends to join, but you do not know what it is. Here’s what the capabilities of Kiwi Q&A are 5 steps.

1. What is Kiwi Q&A?

Kiwi Q&A is a free app that allows you to ask questions to others and get answers to those questions. That sounds like the service Jelly. You log in with Facebook or email and can then start immediately.

2. Anonymous or public Kiwi Q&A

Kiwi Q&A requires a username and your full name, but you do not have to fill out truthfully. You can also attach a photo that others can see. Do you prefer that no one knows what (embarrassing) questions you have? you can choose to do so anonymously. A question can be posted by tapping the writing icon in at the top of the app. Then you can form a question and choose whether you want to send it anonymously or publicly. A question can be asked to your followers and / or people nearby using GPS. It is also possible to ask it to only certain persons.

3. Profiles

Kiwi Q&A Profiles
Kiwi Q&A Profiles

At Kiwi Q&A, each user has a profile page. It has the number of messages of the user, how many followers the person has and how many people he or she follows. The screen resembles that of Instagram. Under this basic information, you can ask someone a question, or see to what questions the person has responded (and what was that answer).

4. Social network

The questions and answers on Kiwi Q&A do immediately remind of Secret, although you do not need to enter a picture here, and everything works simply with text. Also, it’s all a lot less secret. Kiwi is basically a social network where you can view all the answers of others, messages can liken and people can be followed.

5. Several questions

In the app are multiple tabs, so you can switch between the questions. In the ‘home feed’ Kiwi lets you see the most recently asked questions, but you can also see what questions are asked in your neighborhood. In the app all sorts of questions come by, questions like “you also have some sleep? and ‘What movie disappointed you?’. The questions (and answers) in the app seems primarily to attract teenagers.

Kiwi Q & A download

Kiwi Q&A is a completely free app that you can download in the App Store for iOS 7.1 or later. The app takes 21,8MB of free storage space on your iPhone.

Kiwi - Q&A
Kiwi - Q&A
Developer: Chatous
Price: Free
Developer: Castle Global
Price: Free

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