Manage Saved Places in Google Maps

With Google Maps, you can do much more than just watch where you are. You can also save locations so you do not have to re-type each time you search. Here’s how you do that.

Manage locations in Google Maps

There’s nothing worse than having to search for that restaurant again that you had found half an hour ago.

Such abundance can be prevented by places items a star, saving them so they can be later retrieved within Google Maps. The Android app lets you find your items with stars and in the web or iOS version of Google Maps, you can see them on the map.

When you search for a location with the Google app (standard Google Search) or Maps, you can see at the top right of the map of that place a star.

If you tap the star, it will turn yellow, just as in Gmail, to indicate that the place is stored. Then you see on Google Maps a star on its location, with a visual reference when you navigate on the map next time.

Google Maps saved locations
Add a location to your favorites by tapping the “Star” icon.

All your items with stars are stored in a list which you can view in the Maps application.
To quickly get to all your saved locations, touch the menu on the left with the three horizontal lines and select Your Places. Then you get to see the full list – tap a place that you want and it will appear on the map.

If you store too many items, your map might look very busy. So if you ever want to reduce the number of stars you select a number of places you’ve saved and press again on the star to remove them from the list.

If you have logged into Google’s Local Guides (formerly called the City Experts), you at the top of this menu, a list of places that Google recommends to check, along with your home and work address. If you have not completed this, you can still do this so Google Now can give you traffic information about how to get home when you’re on the go.

You can also view your saved locations on the desktop by visiting the Maps page. You must sign in on your Google account or this won’t work.


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