How to make a Snapcode of a website

Snapchat makes it easier to share websites. With the new Snapcodes, you can share in an instant a site in the form of a QR code. We will show you how to create a Snapcode.

Snap a code to create a website

The update that adds the Snapcodes on Snapchat is now available in the App Store. It is a useful feature for users who want to quickly share a website from within the app. By entering an URL of a website, Snapchat makes a QR code that resembles the image associated with your account.

When others scan the code it opens the corresponding website in Snapchat. By once making such a snap code for a website, you can save it and then always quickly share it with others. When you can create such a Snapcode, you can also upload a picture to give your code its own style. By following the steps below, you can create your own code within a minute.

How to make a Snapcode for a website

  • Open Snapchat and wipe from top to bottom on the screen;
  • Tap the gear to open the settings;
  • Choose Snapcodes in the settings menu;
  • Choose to create a Snapcode;
  • Upload a photo and fill in the correct URL.

The codes are a godsend for people with their own website. From now on you don’t have to provide a clumsy URL or put on your business card: a Snapcode is enough. Creating Snapcodes this way is available from version of the iOS app and newer.

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