Make phone calls with Whatsapp: How to get started

Since the last updates of Whatsapp everyone with an iPhone and Android phone can make free calls using the app. This was previously only available as an existing user you called.

Free phone calls over Wi-Fi with Whatsapp

WhatsApp call is now available to everyone, provided you are in possession of an Android or iPhone smartphone with the latest version of the chat app. You can update it via Google Play or App Store if you have not already done so.

Calls with WhatsApp happens via VoIP, which means your wifi, 3G or 4G connection is used to make contact with anyone else. So you don’t consume any call minutes, but the MBs of your data bundle. And if you are connected to WiFi, then calls are completely free.

After updating the app it displays an additional ‘Call’ tab and a ‘Phone’ icon next to your contacts. The quality of calls is good via both 3G and 4G, though a WiFi connection is recommended for the best quality.

WhatsApp call: 4 minutes calling time consumes 1MB
We have called several minutes through WhatsApp, with different versions of the app and under different conditions (3G / 4G / WiFi), where we arrive at an average use of 250KB per minute. This means that a 4-minute call costs approximately 1MB of data. A neat score compared to for example Skype, which consume significantly more data during VoIP calls. With 100MB of your data plan, you could dial 400 minutes via WhatsApp.

What are your experiences with calling with WhatsApp? Share them in the comments!

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