Mail app Spark gets HTML signatures, allows you to swipe to other apps

The second major update to mail app Spark is now available in the App Store. The update makes it possible to use HTML signatures in Spark. Although the app already supported signatures, this worked only with plain text. The update also expands the swipe gestures. Wipe the right direction and you send an email to Evernote, Dropbox or any other online service.

Customize to your needs

Spark mail appYou can sweep aside an e-mail in Spark to delete, archive, or postpone it to a later date. That is possible in other mail apps too, but Spark lets you decide which gesture does what. You can, therefore, decide for yourself how you want to use exactly the sweeping movements for Evernote and Dropbox.

The new Spark update also makes it possible to use a mail alias in the app. This makes it possible to use a different address for sending and receiving a message, without an extra inbox is attached to it. Do you have set up multiple accounts? It is now possible to move your e-mails between them.

Spark was published in May this year for the first time in the App Store and received good reviews immediately. Because you can set up the app entirely to your taste, you can always Spark in your own way of processing email.

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