Latest version Google Chrome is faster and more energy efficient

Google has made Chrome 45 available for PC. The update makes the stable version not only faster, but also more energy efficient by turning off idle tabs to reduce memory usage.

Chrome 45 improvements

Chrome is thanks to the many useful extensions and integration with Google services a nice browser that is used daily by many. It can also be a big power consumer, which is especially annoying when you have many tabs open at once on a laptop computer that is not connected to the socket. Chrome 45 should reduce the memory and power consumption of the browser, so you can the browser on your laptop without problems.

According to Google, numerous improvements in Chrome 45 have been made to achieve this. Thus, the browser is now effective in restoring tabs, where the last viewed sites have higher priority. Does your computer has insufficient memory, then it will stop at any given time restoring tabs that you rarely used. You can still retrieve them at a later time.

Google Chrome 45

Free memory

Chrome 45 can also detect if a page is not busy performing another task. On average, the memory used by a site is cleared by ten percent, but this can rise on web apps like Gmail to around 25 percent. This saves a lot, especially if you have many tabs open at once.

Finally, with the new version of Chrome the function to pause Flash content automatically is available to everyone. Flash-elements that are not, are not shown, which can extend the battery life of your laptop by about 15 percent. Would you like to check if the update is available for you, click on your browser at the top right menu button and go to Help and About > About Google Chrome.

Chrome on the Mac

Chrome has never had a good relation with the Mac. It makes your Mac slower and the battery in your MacBook is drained faster. The latest beta version of the browser brings changes to this by also bringing the new memory and power consumption features.

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