iShows 2 makes your TV series addiction easier

Thanks to streaming services like Netflix and HBO it is easier than ever to follow series. An episode will start with a press of a button, and before you know it, you’re hooked on dozens of series, which also receive all new seasons. iShows 2 brings order to your serial chaos, so you know exactly what you can see.

The minimalist design of iShows 2 gives the app a stylish look but does not give in on the field of possibilities. You can add new shows by tapping the plus sign, but you can also mark episodes quickly as “seen” by sliding your finger from right to left on the photo of a show.

iShows 2 – Many possibilities

It takes a while before you have mastered all the possibilities, but even if you just want to keep track of series you have not seen, you can use iShows 2 to do that. Each episode of the series also includes a short summary and corresponding image, though it takes some time before they are loaded. The General page of a show also includes the actors who contribute to it, and gives suggestions for similar shows to watch.

Although iShows 2 is a free app, you as an avid watcher of shows must soon switch to the full version for $3.99. Because with the free version you can only add four shows at the same time into the app, probably not enough for many people. However, it is a convenient way to try the app without obligation.

If you want to further extend the capabilities of iShows 2, you might consider creating a account. If you do this, you always have a backup of your shows collection that you can also synchronize between different devices. This is not mandatory, and if you just like to identify which series you follow, you have a good app with iShows 2.

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