Is that website down or is it just me?

Super frustrating, trying to reach a website, but getting the endless loading screen. That one Facebook friend says that there is nothing to worry about. So why can’t you reach it?

Check if a website is down or not

It is indeed possible that a website does not work for you while it works for another. That does not automatically mean that there is something wrong with your Internet connection, it may simply be related to you approaching the site via a different route. Or that it is so busy on the website that selectively people do not manage to reach the site. How do you find out if there is something wrong with the website?

Whose fault is it?

It’s actually quite simple. There are several sites where you can test whether a website is up or not. The fastest way is to type in your address bar: where you replace with the website that you want to know the status off. You can try several of these sites, so you know whether it is you or that something is wrong with the server. Examples of these types of sites are and

Check website status
You can easily check if a website is down

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