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After a clean install of Windows, it is a chore to reinstall all your programs. Think of chat, antivirus, music, and mail programs or software such as Flash, .NET, Silverlight, and Java. The creator of the program fixed Ninite came with a simple solution to make installing essential software a breeze.

Ninite: Easy and Secure

The website has a long list of the most popular software programs. From FTP to photo editing programs, there is in each category a handy tool to find. You can select the desired program in the list.

Download Ninite
Select the software you wish to install and click the ” Get installer” button.

Then click at the bottom on the Get Installer button to download an installer. When you run this installer, it will start downloading and installing the selected programs one by one. The software is smart enough to detect the language of your OS and will attempt to install the software, if available, in the same language.

Save the installation file that you just downloaded. This can be used later to update the software. If you run the same installation file again at a later date, it verifies that you have all the latest software versions. If this is not the case, the latest version will be downloaded and installed. You do not have to go through the wizards anymore to update the software.

Ninite Pro & Updater

In addition to the online service, there is also a pro version and Ninite Updater. The Pro version (starting from 20 dollars per month) is particularly interesting for companies. This version can provided all computers on a network of selected software. Also, the Pro version doesn’t need to be compiled online, but this option is offered within the program itself. For Ninite Updater, you pay ten dollars a year. This program runs in the background and gives you a notification when there is an update of one of the available programs supported by Ninite.

The number of supported programs within Ninite is quite large.


Ninite is a useful program that takes care of a huge amount of work. No more tedious installation wizards and all the necessary software installed at once. Also, it is an easy way to check every now and then if all of the software is still up-to-date.

Name: Ninite
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 and Ubuntu Linux


  • Very easy to use
  • No installation wizard
  • Localization


  • Too little control over the installation location(s)
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