Instagram will start showing longer video ads

Instagram has announced to enable video ads of 30 seconds. Advertisements of fifteen seconds were already available for advertisers.

New options Instagram video ads

With its enlargement from 15 to 30 seconds, Instagram wants to provide its advertisers better opportunities to tell their story. The video length for regular users is limited to fifteen seconds.

Instagram also has made new ad layouts available. After the restriction to the square format was lifted and it was already possible to publish photos and videos in portrait format, it is now also possible to use the landscape mode.

Instagram video ads
Instagram video ads

There is also mention of a new premium product called Marquee. According to Instagram, Marquee helps in increasing mass awareness and range of products in a short timeframe. The price of the new service has not yet been announced by Instagram.

Infrastructure of Facebook

The new advertising options can be booked from September from Instagram, for both small and large companies. Instagram makes use for the display of the ads of the knowledge that Facebook already has in the house. This brings the message of advertisers to the target group at which they aim, based on the information that users provide about their interests such as sports or fashion.

The video ads are currently displayed in thirty countries around the world. As of September, 30 more lands will be added to the list.

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