3 ways to improve the sound of your Android Phone

There are only a few Android phones that allow you to tweak the sound quality. With these tips, you can take matters into your own hands.

There are several ways in order to enhance the sound of your Android device. You can use earplugs or when holding your smartphone take into account the placement of the speakers. It is also possible that you are using a sleeve that covers (partially) the speakers of your phone, which is obviously detrimental to sound quality. An obvious solution is to select another case or to choose to not use one.

However, there are smarter ways to improve the audio quality of your phone or to squeeze more volume from the speakers. Below, we put three in a row.

1. Install an equalizer

Equalizer Android app
In Google Play, you can find countless equalizer apps that promise to make the sound of your Android stronger and fuller. There’s a lot of trash between them and many apps do not fulfill their promises, but if you still want to work with an equalizer, you should consider Equalizer from Smart Android Apps.

This equalizer is strengthening a number of presets for popular genres like pop, rock, dance and bass. In addition, the app works with popular streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora. Large differences in audio quality, however, are only noticeable if you use a headset or your phone connects to a Bluetooth speaker.

2. Replace your music app

Google Play Music app
Chances are that the music app on your phone is pretty basic when it comes to audio settings. Good alternatives are Google’s own Play Music app (free) and Poweramp ($3.99 after the trial period). The former is standard on some devices and gives you access via the hamburger menu to fairly extensive music settings. You’ll find an equalizer which you can adapt for bass / treble and instrumental / vocal but can also create your own audio profile using the Adapt Sound function. You will hear a series of beeps that determines which profile fits your ear.

Poweramp is a more comprehensive music player that not only lets you customize the equalizer but also the layout. With a little tweaking, you create your own audio profile, though the interface elements and controls are a bit clumsy. With more options, however, it is a good alternative for most music players that are preloaded on devices. Poweramp is 15 days for free to try it out.

3. Install an Audio Mod (root)

With a rooted device, you have more options to customize the sound of your Android device. You can work with several mods that modify and optimize the sound at deeper levels of the system. One of the best is XTREMEMusic, a mod that has equalizers from Beats and Sony, but optimizes the transit of audio. In addition to root, you need a custom recovery and a micro SD card where you put the necessary files. After the flashing the mod, you can choose which modules you want to turn on. Download and installation instructions can be found on this page.
EXTREMEMusic Audio Mod

On the forum of XDA, there are also sound mods that are based on software from Sony and Dolby Atmos. The mods work on most devices with Android 4.3+, though you must have a rooted device with custom recovery required for flashing them. The advantage of the mods is that they often also enhance the sound of the device of your speakers. Something that is impossible with most app equalizers.

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