Howto tag others in WhatsApp-group discussions

WhatsApp has updated its app, making it finally possible to tag targeted people in group discussions.

WhatsApp mentions in group discussions

WhatsApp has quietly provided its app with an update. Not much has changed, but there is a trick been added to get the attention of people in group discussions. Now you can tag people (as it already could on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and Slack) and their name becomes a link. Tap it, and it displays more information about that person.

How it works

Sending a mention in WhatsApp is very easy, for that you need to create a username. It only works in group discussions, read how below.

  • Open WhatsApp;
  • Go to a group;
  • Tap the @ key and then a list of names appears in the group;
  • Scroll to the person or type the first letter(s) of the name and touch it;
  • Make your message, and select Send.

Judging by the most recent posts it may not be long before WhatsApp gets gif support. The animated pictures supposedly are already available in the app, but the support just needs to be turned on by WhatsApp. Rumors about the addition of gifs go for a while.

WhatsApp scheduled updates

WhatsApp was not long ago updated for iOS. The biggest innovation was the support for Siri, so you can send messages with a voice command. It has also taken over your screen when you receive a call via WhatsApp, just like a regular phone call. In addition, there is a widget available for iOS 10, where you see the most recent calls.

Meanwhile, it is also easy to switch between the FaceTime camera and the back camera by double-tapping the screen. However, there is still no upport for video calling.

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