How to prevent strangers from sending you a DM on Twitter

Twitter is a fine way of communicating. Yet there are also a few drawbacks to the social network. For example, the fact that everyone can just suddenly send you messages! How do you prevent this DM-spam?

It has long been a golden rule on Twitter: only people you follow can you send a personal message (direct message, DM). Some time ago, Twitter has implemented a change in that policy. Now, anyone who feels like it can send you a message.

Why Twitter made that decision is still a mystery to us, because it actually helps spammers a hand. Fortunately, you can easily recover the situation back to how it once was.

Turn Mass DM off

Log in to your Twitter page and click on your profile picture, and then click Settings in the menu that pops up. Then click on the tab Security and privacy in the left pane and scroll all the way down until you see the option Messages.

Disable direct messages Twitter
Disable receiving direct messages from everyone.

Remove the check mark from Receive Direct Messages from anyone. Now you can of course still receive messages, but – as before – only from people you actually follow. This makes Twitter a lot easier to use.

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