How to find your parked car back with iOS 10

Thanks to the parking position feature in the Maps app of iOS 10 you can now easily find where your car is parked. For that, you need a car with Bluetooth or CarPlay.

Find your car with your iPhone

Are you in an unfamiliar city or go to a place where your car is parked in a huge field, then it is useful to be reminded of the end of the day where it is parked. iOS10 can help you with that. Apple’s Maps app is in fact renewed and can now pass where the car is parked.

To use this feature, the iPhone must be connected to the car. Either via CarPlay or Bluetooth. Don’t have any of these options, then you can unfortunately not use this feature.

Check settings

If the iPhone (with iOS 10) is connected to the car, you go through these steps to make sure it works:

  • Make sure you have the Apple Maps app on your iPhone;
  • Open the Settings app on iOS;
  • Scroll down and choose Maps;

Check whether the witch behind ‘Show parking location’ is green.

Directions to the car

Everything you need to make use of the parking function is activated. After a ride with the car, you have nothing else to do. You can just walk away, as the iPhone does not receive more connection with Bluetooth or CarPlay, the location of the vehicle is automatically saved. After a little while, your parked car appears already in the Maps app. Through GPS, you can find the car if you want to drive off a little while later. Swipe the search field up and in that list, you will find the ‘Parked car’ function.

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