How to download videos from YouTube

Youtube is by far the most popular site for uploading and watching videos. They want to keep it that way too, so an ability to download videos is not available. But what if you still want to download and keep a movie? Learn with this guide how to download videos from Youtube.

It is not allowed
YouTube has rather not that you download videos from the site because according to the terms of use of YouTube, users are not allowed to do this. The Terms of Service explicitly states: “that the data is intended for real-time viewing and not intended to be
downloaded (either permanently or temporarily), copied, stored, or
redistributed by the user.”
. You don’t have to be afraid of downloading (for personal use), as long as you don’t upload or spread the videos to YouTube (or any other site).

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Tip 01: Via a website (

You will discover that there is much demand for being able to download YouTube videos as soon as you search for it on Google. Dozens, if not hundreds of pages that offer the ability to download a video. But what is the best option? Well, actually they are all fine, so we will use one of the well-known sites.

It works very simple: copy the URL of the video you want to download, then surf to and paste the URL into the text field that you see there. Then click “Continue”. Now you can download the video or convert it to a different format, for example, MP3. That way you can save songs from Youtube on your computer. Click the format button and after that the “Download” button. download download options.

Next you will have to click the “Start” button and wait till your file is ready for download. This can take a few seconds so be patient.

Tip 02: Browser extension

Downloading via a website is fine in itself, but it does mean that you first have to go to YouTube, the URL should be copied and then to paste into the site. Can it not quicker and easier? Sure it can, but for that you will first need to install a browser extension. A good extension for Firefox is 1-Click YouTube Video Download. The name reveals exactly what the extension does: it adds a button under the video, which allows you with one click to download the video. Chrome doesn’t have this extension unfortunately, because Google (for its own rules) does not permit such an extension.

Firefox Youtube download
1-Click YouTube Video Download for Firefox.

Tip 04: Download videos from YouTube with this Windows program

It is also perfectly possible to download a program that lets you download YouTube videos. The main advantage (compared to downloading via a website) of many of these programs is that you are not restricted to downloading only one video at a time. That’s okay if you want to download three videos, but if you try to download a whole series of videos of your favorite YouTube channel, it becomes quite irritating (and time consuming) as you always have to wait until your video is downloaded to move to the new URL.

A good example of such a (free) program is Free YouTube Download. With this program, you can download videos simultaneously. That can be done by entering multiple URLs, but you can also download complete channels with one button press. The latter really saves a lot of time and work. Nice is that you can select other file types, such as .wmv and .avi, which you obviously have control over the quality. To download a video, copy the URL of YouTube (or the video or channel) and click Paste in the program. The download will start immediately.

Free Youtube Download
Free Youtube Download app for Windows.

Download your own videos

Although YouTube does not want you to download videos from others, you can easily download your own videos directly from Youtube. To download a video you’ve uploaded yourself, you go to YouTube Video Manager and click the down arrow next to Edit on the video you want to download. There you’ll see the option to Download Mp4. You download the video automatically at the highest quality.


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