How to add markers to PDF files in iOS 9

Since the release of iOS nine, the Mail app has a built-in function to add marks on received PDF files. In this tip we explain how it works.

Markings in Mail app

A small but nice new feature of iOS 9 is the ability to add markers on received PDF files in the Mail app. This allows you to add lines, arrows, shapes and even add your signature to files. This is useful if you need to check a document or create a signature. The function works well and simply and is quite simpe. In the following steps we will explain how.

  1. Open the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad;
  2. Select an email with a PDF file attached;
  3. Then tap and hold the file, long press;
  4. After this, from the sub-menu of iOS, select the option ‘Markup and Reply”.

That was it! After this, the PDF file is opened in a separate window so you can easily add markers. With the button bottom left you can paint in different colors on the screen, for example, to highlight certain issues.

In the middle you find a magnifier and text function, while with the button right below you can easily enter your signature. Are you ready, then press the top right “Done” to save the edited file and send it back.

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