Hourglass counts the seconds until your birthday on the Apple Watch

How many more nights until your birthday? How long until the next holiday is going to start? And how many seconds it will take until 2016 arrives? We constantly keep track of when the next important day appears. We use a calendar on the iPhone, but secretly we find ourselves counting down the days, hours and minutes. There’s now a handy app on the Apple Watch to do this. In Hourglass, you see exactly how long it will take to a given day.

Hourglass app

The Hourglass iPhone app lets you add some important day, like your birthday or holiday. Then the app is constantly counting down to this day. That can be done by counting the days off, but with a push of a button you change it to hours, minutes or seconds. A circle shows how long you have been waiting already.

There are more this kind of countdown apps, but Hourglass is a tad more enhanced. For example, the app has a widget for the Message Center where it also is counting down. With app for Apple Watch, you count just as easily off from your wrist.

Download Hourglass for iPhone and Apple Watch

?Hourglass - Countdown Clock
?Hourglass - Countdown Clock
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