Hound: another voice assistant – worthy Siri alternative?

It’s starting to get pretty crowded with digital assistants on your phone. Soundhound is also fighting for a spot on your smartphone with Hound, the newest competitor to Siri.

Music app SoundHound seems to follow the example of Shazam and is expanding its functions with a smart voice assistant. For now, Hound is exclusively available to testers on Android, but the iOS version is underway.

Natural questions with Hound

The big advantage of Hound seems to be that you can talk to it like you would do with a friend. No carefully worded voice commands, but a question that a human would not be surprised if you would ask him. Continued Asking questions comes quite naturally provided the following trailer is a reliable representation of the final product:

To provide you with the right advice, Hound collects data from a collection of fifty services. For hotel search they use Expedia, but also for questions about navigation, weather and general issues, you can contact Hound.


Keyvan Mohajer, the founder of SoundHound, tells Wired that the high speed is the main achievement of Hound compared to services like Siri and Google Now. For this, Hound uses algorithms that SoundHound used to identify music tracks rapidly.

Hound Android app
Hound uses about 50 services to answer your questions.

Android developers can now get started with the Hound API so that they can process the voice assistant in their own app. In Apple’s case, the probability that Hound can replace Siri is small ​because Siri is completely ingrained in iOS.

Formidable competition

SoundHound says that they dream about such an assistant for 10 years but choose to announce it at an unfortunate moment. The smart voice assistants are flying around our ears, with Microsoft who also brings its​ Cortana to the iPhone and Android.

Download Hound for Android

HOUND Voice Search & Personal
HOUND Voice Search & Personal
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