Google releases Gmail app with support for Outlook and Yahoo

Google has begun the rollout of the previously announced new version of its Gmail app for Android. This also includes support for Exchange and IMAP built in and now it’s also possible to log in with a Yahoo and account.

The new version of Gmail was developed for Android 5.0. Thus, supporting the new Material Design: Google’s new design language for applications and web. Android Police has an intallable APK file of the app. It is a final version that users can install. Android Police also notes that the software is sent automatically to Android users. However, this may take several days, because such a deployment usually goes in phases.

Google had already announced that its new Gmail app would also have support for IMAP and Exchange. The application is thereby more versatile as a general e-mail application. It is also possible to directly log in with an account from Yahooor

In addition to expanding the Gmail app Google recently released Inbox, a smart email application. These bundles emails that look alike and have the ability to ‘snooze’ e-mails. Inobx supports currently only Gmail and the app can only be used with an invitation.


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