Giphy Cam: film your own gifs with nifty effects

One of the popular gif websites, Giphy, has a new app that lets you film your own gifs and share them with others. The app is now a free download in the App Store.

Giphy Cam

Do you use in gifs often in chats? If so, then Giphy Cam really is an app for you. Now you can make your own gifs using your iPhone camera. Film a few seconds and that’s it: you have a video that you can immediately share with others. Giphy is a search engine for gifs and an app that you lets you make them yourself, is a logical step. With Giphy Cam, creating gifs is also really easy. The app itself consists of two parts: the camera at the top of the screen and below filters and more cool options.

To make a gif, you can put the iPhone camera at selfie stand or use the camera on the back. Handy if your cat has to do something funny. Under the camera image is a record button. By holding it down you can record images up to five seconds. If you tap once, then a “burst mode” start which makes a number of photos in a row and make an animation of it.

You can make gifs without any effects, but it’s also possible to add them to it. You can apply a filter real-time and create some cool effects. Consider the effect of an old videotape or pixels. In addition to filters, you can also place other moving things into focus. E.g. money raining down (pretend you’re rich) or you can pretend you’re eating popcorn.

But perhaps the best feature is that in which you can change the whole background. For that, you have to stand in front of a solid wall for the best effect. Everything behind you will change, so it can rain snacks or seems like a dolphin swims behind you. It does not work perfectly, because sometimes a part of the effect gets in your clothes or your face, but that in turn contributes to the joke. By tapping the screen, you can move the effect.

Share gifs

Creations can be instantly shared on social channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or Twitter. You can also store them in your Photos app and send later.

Download GIPHY CAM. The GIF Camera

?GIPHY Cam. The GIF Creator
?GIPHY Cam. The GIF Creator
Developer: Giphy, Inc.
Price: Free
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