Get the longest snake in with these 6 tips is like a time machine. If you start it time flies real fast. In that time, you probably have died often, but with these tips, you will make it a lot longer in tips is on the top of the rankings in Google Play. The game can be summarized as Snake with multiple players. Everyone is a snake that grows by eating balls, but who lives the longest in a world where everything revolves around eating or be eaten? is a tricky game, but also very addictive. Every time we die, we want to try it again, and we’re not the only one. The annoying glitches in the game are, unfortunately, still there, but with these tips, you may live a little longer than the rest.

1. Change of Control

The game allows you to control it two different ways. You can first hold your finger on the screen and the snake slithers on that side. This allows you to react rapidly to what is going on around you, but your finger is however enormously in the way. There may be a snake under your finger that you see too late. You can also simply tap the screen to send something to the snake. This is less precise but gives a better overview. Substitute both controls to find the best gaming experience.

2. Boost

Double tap on the screen and hold your finger on the second tap pressed to boost. With a boost, you move fast forwards, which is necessary to survive. It allows you to escape, but also make a fine diving for another snake to destroy those. However, use your boost sparingly, because you will get smaller if you go fast. However, you have the security to tackle large globules, it is always worthwhile to use your boost before another snake picks up the balls. Be aware that you never collide!


3. Close in the other

A clever tactic to defeat another snake is by closing it in. Try subtle form a semicircle and lure a snake in your fall. Boost then around the s so that it can no longer escape. Turn laps so you get smaller, the enclosed snake gets less and less room for maneuver and dies at any given time. Be aware that you don’t get trapped yourselves. Is a bigger snake boosting around you? then quickly search for an exit before it’s too late. If you are still trapped, you can run small circles to make it difficult for the other.

4. Follow the big snakes

It can be smart to stay close to the big snakes in the playfield, like a vulture. On the one hand, because often little worms bump against the big snake and you can get the remaining balls. In addition, a large snake often leaves balls behind, because the effort is not worth it. For a small snake like yourself, however, these balls can mean a lot. Perhaps the most important reason to stay around a big snake is that if the snake is dead, you are the first that can steal its balls and can grow enormously in a short time.


5. Take chances when you are small

When you grow you should definitely be careful. Thus, it is, for example, smart to stay on the outer edge of the playing field. But you’re still small? Then grab every chance you can get. Dive before a large snake, because who knows you can grab a lot of balls. Did that kill you? No problem, because you were still small and so won’t loose too much.

6. Stay close to yourself

Is there much danger around you? Stay close to yourself. Although you can not touch other snakes, it is no problem to slide over yourself. So when the snakes come close, then turn back on yourself, because that is the only place where other players can’t get. You’re safe. Watch out that you do not make yourself too small in this manner, and another player can close you in.

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