Freedom backpack keeps an eye on your kids with covert GPS tracker

The Freedom backpack on Kickstarter promises to make the life of your children a lot safer. The Freedom does this with a small RFID chip with GPS transceiver, whose location is continuously sent to your iPhone. You will always know where your kids are. That’s already possible using separate accessories, but the Freedom backpack does it smarter: because the tracker is hidden in the bag, no one will notice it.

Freedom Backpack

The backpack will eventually be sold without a brand name or other advertising, making a Freedom Backpack indistinguishable from another bag. This makes it an ideal tool against kidnapping, say its creators. A large part of abducted children are taken before or after school – a time when they are wearing a backpack. A good ambition, though you may wonder what other uses the bag has. You could gift the bag, without saying that it has a GPS tracker in it. This brings significant implications in the field of privacy along with it.
Freedom backpack

You can order the Freedom backpack on Kickstarter. For 79 dollars, the bag is sent your way in October this year. If you order early, then you pay just $65. The project needs a total of $10,000 to succeed. The makers have until September 16 the time to get it.

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