Framed: narrative puzzle game now available for Android

Framed, the game where you go through a detective story and this determines the outcome itself, is now available for Android. Google Play has gained another fine game.

This is what you do in Framed

Framed had long been available on iOS and has now found its way to Android. The game is very popular, mainly because of the nice graphical style and the exciting story that continues. In Framed, it is intended to place the boxes of a comic book in the right order. By doing it good, the gameplay and story of the game are determined. Great is that you have this entirely in your own hands.

What is immediately striking about Framed is the presentation of the game. The drawn images provide a film noir-like appearance, which looks unique. Also great is the soundtrack, which ensures that you feel the game.

The scenes in Framed are divided into various areas where you need to make sure they are in the correct order. You do this by dragging them, and then tapping ‘play’. Did you do it correct, then the story continues. With the upper left button, you can always start again. In fact, you solve these puzzles each time.

Download Framed for Android and iOS

Framed is an absolute must, especially if you’ve never played the game never before. It is a shame that the game is rather short, with a number of hours you have to go through the story.

Developer: Noodlecake
Price: $2.99
Developer: Loveshack
Price: $3.99

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