Foaster: charge your device with a toaster

Chargers come in all shapes and sizes, and they all do their best to provide your iDevice from power as stylish as possible. However, if you charge more than once, then it quickly becomes a mess of several individual products. The Foaster bundles all your chargers in one, including cables. The packaging around it that looks like an old-fashioned toaster makes the party complete.

This funny charger can provide up to four devices simultaneously of power. The two slots in the middle of the Foaster (where normally the sandwiches come from) are intended for smartphones while two additional charging stations appear as you push down the lever on the side.

Foaster charger

Connect Foaster with your cables

Wait a while to store your charging cables: because you still need them even if you use the Foaster. You need to connect them to the bottom with of the Foaster with a charging pad, which in turn is connected with a wire into the socket. This way you hide the wires in a smart way, and you charge all your smartphones and tablets. The devices in the Foaster or not completely hidden, so you can still read incoming notifications and messages.

The Foaster can not be ordered at the time of writing, but you can leave your email behind on their web site to get a notification when it is available.

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