Firefox is a user-friendly and complete browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Privacy is one of the most important areas of Firefox. The browser, which is available for desktop and Android, has access to tens of thousands of extensions that add extra functionality.

Firefox was in 2004 a very welcome alternative to cumbersome, insecure browser Internet Explorer (version 6). Safety and innovation were of paramount importance in Firefox. Thanks to Firefox competition and the urge to innovate returned to the entrenched browser market.

Browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are now developed rapidly and renewed by powerhouses Google and Microsoft. Firefox is not always the forerunner that it once was. But Firefox will still be number one in terms of privacy. Do Not Track (blocking tracking cookies) was first embraced by Firefox.

Firefox – Security and Privacy

Your privacy is fully respected in Firefox: you can clear your browsing history (Tools | Clear Private Data), typed URLs and searches, download history and delete browser cache with one click . And there is support for the Do Not Track functionality allowing advertisers less able to track your surfing habits. Firefox also has access to private surfing.

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Firefox is a fast and secure browser.

All favorites, plugins, and Internet Explorer settings are automatically imported. Integrated Google search bar makes it easier to search. And there are standard even more search providers available in Firefox, such as Yahoo, Wikipedia, eBay etc. You can change the number of search engines further as desired.

The smart address bar makes it possible to quickly typing in keywords to search your bookmarks. Furthermore, you can now also give bookmark labels for even faster finding a website.

Passwords, bookmarks, and extensions can be synchronized between multiple PCs, laptops and smartphones with Firefox Sync. Firefox can be further expanded with a variety of useful extensions and themes.

Outdated, insecure plugins (such as Java) are automatically disabled. Firefox also has click-to-play for plugins, which means you need to click before Flash movies or animations begin to play on websites. PDF files can be displayed with the built-in PDF reader, Adobe Reader is no longer required.

Handy is that the program has extensive capabilities to resolve problems like sluggishness and crashes. Under Help | Troubleshooting firefox can be reset or restored to default settings. You can also start Firefox without any extensions to see if this fixes problems (extensions made by third parties are often the cause of slowness and instability in Firefox).

The browser continues its unprecedented expansion capabilities, the thousands of extensions, and emphasis on privacy and security (leaks are quickly solved) a very good browser.

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