Fallout Shelter coming to Android on August 13

Fallout Shelter, the mobile game that has been launched in preparation for the upcoming RPG Fallout 4. The game has become very popular on iOS and from August 13 it will also be available for Android.

That was announced by Bethesda. Fallout Shelter is a seemingly simple management game. The game was first launched for iOS, but a month later, the game can be downloaded for Android users.

Fallout Shelter Android

In Fallout Shelter, it is up to you to build an underground base where your people house because the outside world became dangerous after a nuclear disaster. This is the basis of the Fallout series, which also relies on fallout shelter. In the game, you give people work and you make sure that they stay happy and healthy. Slowly but surely you expand from the shelter and make sure that the population continues to grow. Residents can be hoisted in protective suits and provided weapons for research in the outside world.

According to Bethesda Fallout Shelter is a combination of XCOM and Sim City. The game is completely free to play, although there are in-app purchases available. Internet connection is not needed to play the game and if you build something it is immediately readu. However, there are timers that count down in order to generate, for example, water or electricity.

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