Facebook Riff – Respond to video’s with clips

Facebook has announced a new app that allows users to attach a short video on a topic. The intention is that friends of the uploader will respond with their own clips.

The app is called Riff and is available for iOS and Android. Users will see a counter to prepare, after that the smartphone starts recording. The user can record videos up to 20 seconds and only approve it. Option to edit the video is missing. After publication, only friends may respond with clips. If they do. the video appears on their timeline.

Facebook Riff app
Facebook Riff app in action.

The number of people contributing can grow exponentially this way, says Facebook. Goal seems to make viral videos this way to the internet, although video series can continue in private topics. The project comes from Facebooks Creative Labs, which created services such as Paper, Slingshot, Rooms and Groups.

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