Facebook Messenger: Start and Manage Group discussions

Group discussions are possible on many platforms, including Twitter, WhatsApp and iMessage. Through the Facebook Messenger application, you can also easily start and manage group discussions.

Manage discossions on Messenger

Open the Facebook Messenger application and click the navigation bar on “Group”, then you can immediately tap the plus button at “New Group”. Then you see a list of all your Facebook friends who use the Messenger application.

This allows you to select your friends easily, you have to search others through the ‘Add people’ button. Enter a group name and click “Create”. Then you can send messages over the group, and everyone in the group will receive the message. You can add same messages, photos, and other content to add a group as a personal message.

When you have created the group, you can also remove it. You can do this by clicking in the list of all groups, at the top of the group name on the three balls button, then select ‘disconnect Group’.

Have you been added by someone else in a group you should open the group, tap at the top of the i-button and choose “Exit group”.

Facebook Messenger groups
Facebook Messenger groups view.

Creating groups on Facebook.com

Through Facebook.com, you can also easily create groups. Open the website and click on “messages” in the left menu. Choose “New Message” and fill in the “To” field all the persons you want to add to the group, separated with a comma. Then, the group has been created and you can start conversations. This group is also accessible from the Messenger application.

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