Facebook Messenger now works without a Facebook account

Chat app Facebook Messenger is updated. Now everyone can register and use the messenger app without having a Facebook account.

Facebook Messenger without an account

After Facebook ensured last month that users from selected countries could log into Messenger without an account, that option is now rolled out worldwide. Now everyone can use the app without creating a Facebook profile first.

The update was publicized by David Marcus of Facebook.

Excited to announce that the ability for everyone to use Messenger, even without a Facebook account, is now available globally. Sign up with your phone number and try it out!

Posted by David Marcus on Thursday, July 16, 2015

If you open Facebook Messenger for the first time, then the main way to login will still be with your Facebook account. But it’s not required. Under the login fields, you can choose the option ‘Not on Facebook? “. That does not mean you no longer need to enter data. The app does need your phone number to login.

Facebook Messenger No account
Sign in using your phone number.

Messenger as a separate service

Facebook Messenger is more and more an independent platform. It started last year when the app has been disconnected from regular Facebook app. Now there isn’t even a Facebook account required anymore. The service is also testing payments via Messenger. There are also separate apps added to the app including Giphy, which allows you to send funny gifs to others.

Facebook Messenger looks increasingly like WhatsApp (including Facebook), though the two still exist side by side. In total, WhatsApp has about 800 million active users against 700 million active users of Facebook Messenger. Both platforms are still growing.

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