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Welcome to Facebook Messenger Login. Facebook Messenger (FBM) is an instant messaging system created by the Facebook Inc.

The application, available for various mobile operating systems, allows members of the social network to interact with their friends without necessarily being connected to the web site. Since March 3, 2014, Facebook Messenger is no longer supported for Windows but returned as a Windows 8 application.

Since July the mobile Facebook applications automatically redirect to the messaging application Facebook Messenger.

Login in on Facebook Messenger with your Facebook profile

In order to use Facebook Messenger on your phone, you need to have a Facebook profile. The sign in process for Messenger is quite easy to follow.

First thing to do is to download the mobile app on your phone.
Download the app for iOS, Android or Windows Phone.
When your done downloading the app, start it by tapping on the Messenger icon on your screen.

Facebook Messenger App
The new Facebook Messenger app icon

If you have the Facebook app installed on your phone, Messenger will automatically see which account you have used and will give you the option to sign in with the same account on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Login
Sign in on Facebook Messenger with your Facebook account.

You can also click on Switch Account to sign in using a different Facebook account.
On the next screen the app will ask for your phone number. You can enter this or just click on Not now to skip it.
Facebook Messenger Sign in
In the following screens the app will aks you for your permission to access contact list and send you push notifications. We recommend that you allow both.
Facebook set up
That was it. Now you can use Facebook Messenger to communicate with your friends.

Download Facebook Messenger

You can download FBM for free for the following platforms:
iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Windows Phone

About Facebook

Facebook is a social network that is operated by the same American company Facebook Inc. The name refers to the so-called Face Books with pictures of students, which are distributed to some American colleges.

The Social Network was released on February 4, 2004 by Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg and has more than a billion members. Facebook belongs according to various statistics among the five most visited websites in the world.

Facebook on Wikipedia
Facebook Messenger on Wikipedia

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