Facebook lets users place text and emoji’s on pictures in photo editor

Facebook has a photo editor designed for iOS, which lets users place text, emoji and filters on pictures. The new interface it not yet available for everyone, making it appear that it is a test.

Users can include graphics, filters and add text to photos and they can also resize or skew, according to TechCrunch. Full functionality is in the iOS app, while the Android version has only stickers and text. The filters are missing on Android.

The functionality is very similar to what SnapChat does.

The picture editor is visible for a limited number of users so that it appears that it is a test. Facebook frequently carries out this type of testing, in which external changes and new features are suddenly visible for random users.

TechCrunch notes that the functionality is very similar to what SnapChat does, the app that Facebook wanted to take some time ago. Facebook has given no explanation for the change in its photo editor.

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