Facebook launches tool to protect user accounts

Facebook has released a tool that should help users of the social networking site to keep secure their account. Users get a pop-up and then be guided through a process in which a number of steps should be leading to a more secure account.

Security check

The company behind the social networking site announced the news Thursday afternoon. The tool called Security check will soon appear at the top of the timeline, although it may take several weeks before the feature to appear to everyone. It is also possible to approach the security function using the URL https://www.facebook.com/help/securitycheckup, making it immediately available to everyone.

With Security Check, Facebook wants to guide its users in a few easy steps by a number of security options. The check offers to log out from locations that haven’t been used for some time and are given tips on choosing a strong password. Another offered feature is to send an email when there is signed from a new location.

For now, the security check is only available to users who visit Facebook via the desktop. In the short term, however, the tool should also come to mobile users.

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