Facebook comes up with five alternative ‘Like’ buttons

Facebook’s product manager Chris Cox has confirmed to Bloomberg that we actually get alternatives to the ‘Like’ button. They are called Reactions.

Alternative ‘likes’

With impressive events, the discussion always returned: is it acceptable to use the ‘Like’ button to use it as an expression of respect. Opinions are divided, but Facebook appeared to be on the side of the no-voters. The company has therefore been working for a year to develop an alternative and now you can use five responses in the form of emoticons like alternative ‘likes’.

Facebook Like alternatives

The emoji love, laugh, wow, sad, and angry are selected by sociologists. The emoji for ‘yay’ (see above), an eager-joyful expression, has fallen since the term was not universal enough. This was proved when tested both in Spain, Ireland and Colombia. The testers were also given the opportunity to use the alternative reactions during the terrorist attacks in Paris and they were actually used, according to Cox.

The ‘Like’ button remains. Facebook has deliberately chosen not to use a ‘Dislike’ button, because it would have too negative undertone and the platform would seem to much like Reddit. The company has quite deliberately chosen emoticons as alternative options so that you can express feelings in a situation.

It is unclear for the time being when the emoticons are introduced for the rest of the world. According to Cox, this is done in the coming weeks.

Source: Bloomberg

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