f.lux – Adjust your screen to the daylight

Tired? Headache? It is more common in people who sit all day behind a computer screen. The freeware application f.lux adjusts the display color according to the light, so that your eyes won’t get tired.

f.lux is a tool for anyone who spend daily many hours peering at a computer screen. During the day, the white-blue light is not really a problem, but at night it could have a negative impact, fatigue, headaches or insomnia as a result.

The solution? f.lux. The user program runs in the background and adjusts the color temperature of the screen automatically as it gets darker. f.lux is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Warm glow

After installation, you’ll see a small program window. Once you enter via Settings where you live, f.lux know exactly when the sun in your neighborhood goes down and comes up again. By default f.lux recommended light levels (for example, 6500K daytime), but you can optionally adjust this manually.

f.lux mac
f.lux running on OSX

The transition speed is also adjustable to your liking. You can choose from a quick mode of 20 seconds and a slow transition that lasts an hour and therefore hardly noticeable. There is also a dedicated Movie mode which does not affect the colors for two and a half hours. Would you like to pause or turn off f.lux? That is very simple and can be done with one click.


A yellow glow on your screen? In the beginning, it’s a bit getting used to. Especially when you have set the transition speed to Fast. However, we do believe that such a warmer color temperature is less tiring for your eyes. Our advice? Try the tool certainly try! f.lux is indeed completely free and very easy to use.

Can not get used to the yellow screen after a few days or weeks, then just remove the program.


  • User friendly
  • For all platforms
  • Less tiring for your eyes


  • Needs getting used to

Language: English
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
iOS (jailbreak required)
Website: www.justgetflux.com

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