Everything you need to know about Google Fit

Google has also entered the fitness and health market with its own platform, called Google Fit. On this platform, you can connect fitness apps and devices, making it easier to analyze data from multiple sources in one place. This allow you to make a complete health profile on your Android device. Google Fit is the equivalent of Apple’s HealthKit.

What is it Google Fit?

Fit Google is a platform that gathers information about users health, and let the users consult this information. The information is extracted from third party apps and devices, such as the popular RunKeeper app, Flex Fitbit pedometer or Nike Fuel Band bracelet. Google is working with, among other, Nike, Intel, Adidas, Withings, RunKeeper and Basic, the Nike Fuel Band is one of the main products that supports Google Fit.

Users can get insight with Google Fit into their health based on several factors. Think of the number of steps, their heartbeat, what they ate, and of course the number of calories burned. All that information is extracted from applications and devices that support the Google Fit API. The developers can simply add this API to their apps and products, so a lot of Google Fit apps and products will be introduced in the coming years.

What can you do with it Google Fit?

Google Fit arrived at an important time because Google has also a released Android Wear: the mobile operating system for wearables. All those wearables normally have pedometers, heart rate monitors and other health features. The data collected by these wearables, in combination with the information that can is already collected with apps, offers a vastly expanded health profile of the user. For example there are apps that keep track of whether you drink enough water – if you drink a glass of water, for example, you press a button in the app – and that information is then synchronized with information from other applications and products.

Google Fit Watch
Google Fit on Android Wear.

But the aim of Google Fit is to make life more consciously. Do you drink enough water, do you move enough and is your heart rate at rest is not too high? You can identify your eating and drinking pattern, and it is even possible to measure your sleep via apps or accessories. For example you can be awakened in your light sleep, and then see in Google Fit if you’ve slept that night well. If you find yourself feel less rested and you see that you’ve had a restless night, you know what caused it.

Watch Google Fit APIs for Android

Google Fit availability

Google Fit was introduced with Android 5.0. The new Android version was officially released in the fall of 2014, making Google Fit available for Android users. Google also made the APIs available to developers so that more and more applications and products can be made compatible with the health platform.

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