Everything you need to know about Ello

Urgent need for a spicy profile picture? Just ask your friends who are already a member of the new networking site Ello. It’s an ad-free and porn friendly website. But don’t quit Facebook just yet, joining Ello is by invitation only.


Like Facebook, Ello began as a private network. Only in March everyone could join. But the similarity stops there immediately, Founder Paul Budnitz Ello even describes Ello as “anti-Facebook”.

Ello is currently invite only

A big difference with the blue social media giant is that Ello does not collect data of its users. At least, not for resale to advertisers and marketers like Facebook does.

The only data that we collect from users is about how the site is used, we use this information only to improve Ello and not for resale

says Budnitz.

The basic version of Ello is and will remain free. Only when a user wants to add new features he or she had to pay.


Drag queens

The final sticking point on Facebook was that it requires users to use their real name, this is especially for musicians and drag queens a great dislike point. For the Queen B among the drag queens, RuPaul, this was the last straw and the performer turned against Facebook.

Budnitz got wind of and jumped aboard the hate train: “The Facebook drama of recent days has reached us.

Ello Welcomes the LGBTQ community and we are pleased to see that so many people are making the switch.”.

First Ello had about 4,000 registration requests per hour. That has now risen to 27,000 per hour. New invitations are temporarily frozen to first make sure that the website remains stable at a large number of users.

If you really can not wait for an invitation from Ello; there is a huge black market on eBay.

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